Got this from a cousin, I would appreciate feedback as to the validity of the method.

These hints will help you stop the spamers harvesting e-mail addresses from your e-mail and prevent you from getting "auto infected" with the Outlook Express preview pane.

When you send e-mail it feels normal to put the address of the person you are sending the mail to in the "to" box and any others to be coppied in the "cc" box.
However, this means, everyone who gets a copy of the joke you just sent also gets the whole list of recipients and this is one place spammers harvest addreses from. The way to fight back is to enable the "bcc" (Blank Carbon Copy) address header and put ALL recipients in that field leaving the "to"and "cc" totally blank. To show this "bcc" address header do the following:-

Start Outlook Express, and click to create a new e-mail. At the top of the e-mail compose page select View, then check the "Show all headers" option.

The letest viruses are now able to infect file types such as gif and jpg pictures. Java executable code can also be embedded into the e-mail page (eg: those moving emoticons some people like to use) Because of this, the default settings in Outlook Express are dangerous and in particular the preview pane (The box at the bottom which shows the content of the curently highlighted e-mail) Because of this you should disable the preview pane in Outlook Express as follows:-

Start Outlook Express, and select "View" then remove the check from "Show Preview Pane"