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Thread: Best Browser

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    You can get a skin for IE called MyIE (methinks). It's pretty good. Implements most of opera's features, includes pop-blocking and all the like. But what the heck. It's still IE.

    I've been using Konqueror/Firefox for quite a while now. Firefox is pretty damn fast, at least under Linux (apparently, it's slower under Windows). Also, the new version of Konqueror in KDE 3.2 (I think that's the right version, whatever is the latest) is supposed to be at least as fast as Firefox, if not better. Not to mention its integration in the desktop...
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    well, to add, +++++++ points to opera. the only damning thing about opera and browsers other than IE is it restricts you in viewing msn and microsoft pages.

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    If you have the hard disk space, load them all and see for yourself which one(s) you like better. They seem to cohabitate pretty good with each other and what the hell, their all free away...

    I have some of them with everything shut off, java, x, etc., and I keep a couple of them with everything turned for trusted sites. So there's some options for you.

    Keep them all patched/updated though!

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    I personally use Galeon, but it's also useful to keep a copy of IE knocking around (even if it means running another OS), as people occasionally want me to view web sites so badly developed that they work with nothing else.

    Web developers who target IE are both naive, and are causing the web to deviate from standards which exist for a purpose.

    Notably, the worst effect is upon M$ themselves, who cannot now deliver a standards-compliant browser without annoying lots of users of legacy MSIE based web apps.


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    I'll have to go with Netscape/Mozilla as well. Opera is another good one but I just can't get around to moving from my Netscape/Mozilla to Opera.

    i just read this thing about IE having lots of vulnerabilities and it could download stuff to your computer without your permission and it worried me..so i was thinking about switching
    If you do some searching on http://www.securityfocus.com then you'll soon find out that there are absolutly loads of vulnerabilities like this.
    Don't ever use IE. It was such a rush to job in order to try and take out Netscape that its just so filled up with bugs that its unbelivable.

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    I use Slimbrowser works well

    I had your problem and wanted a replacement browser and after searching for a while I stuck to slimbrowser because other browsers have problems with plugins and other nuisances but slimbrowser just seems to work correctly. Check it out and let me know if you like it. It is very similar to IE but has neat features. www.flashpeak.com/sbrowser/

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    Avant sits on top of IE, and uses tabbed browsing, pop up blocker, and has quick ways to enable, disable popups, pics, flash, video, sound, scripts, active x, applets.

    So it makes hardening IE a bit easier. I use firefox as well. But for IE compatibility i use avant.

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    I agree opera is expectionally fast and reliable.
    It's full skinnable, and it is easy to use.
    It shows the webpage connection speed at the bottom status bar.
    Download manager as mentioned earlier.
    Alot of different stuff you should look into.
    But I prefer opera as well.
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