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Thread: Big brother wants more eyes....

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    edit and delete your post n37, while there is still time.

    Sub7 is a malicious backdoor installed by script kiddie hackers, it will act as a server on boot up. RDC is remote desktop connection, a xp tool

    You bring up an intresting point... Chicken and the egg, code and the compiler? But it's unreal that an old compiler-new compiler chain of compiling would install a backdoor on a os today(incompatibility or obviousness?).

    Have you found a way to type in some code in Windows Notepad and then run that somehow? If you have, please share it with us.
    Scripts. Not everything is compiled.

    your last post
    You are correct, but I doubt they will ever have their hands on the worlds compilers like that. Plus they would need a way to keep others from using the same backdoors they do, and I guarantee they don't even trust themselves with that.

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    All I am saying is that ANYTHING can happen with ANYTHING (NOT just computers).
    Sure but should we continue in FUD because anything could happen? The events in Spain I'm sure are bringing up horrible memories for those in NYC. Does this mean we shouldn't travel because anything could happen?

    I refuse to let FUD determine how I will live my life or what I will do. If someone is truly determined they will put in a backdoor in an Operating System and I won't know. They may even sit on the subway next to me with a dirty nuke. I still won't know. But I refuse to let the potential fear cripple me. That I do know.
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    Well, gcc itself is a seperate compiler. But powerful, robust, and mainstream compilers (such as the Intel compiler) not only get the job done right and fast, but are controlled by companies. Some distros of Linux have purchased an Intel compiler license and thus have compiled their packages with it. Why? Even if it costs money, the Intel compiler works faster, compiles checks for stability, and have a higher ratio of code to executable compression.

    However, despite it's positive sides (note, I'm only using the intel compiler for example) it is still controlled by a company. Now, unless anyone has personally been in a situation that involved a gun to their head or an offer of $500k, we can not assume a company or open source group won't snap/give in to a threat/bribe to allow the compilers to permit hazordous code.

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    I am not that sorry, besides, they are two different topics.

    About scripts. I suppose that on scripts, the processor reads what is on the script and does it all without converting it to machine language? I mean, you just type something in and the processor sees what you type in and then does it all withough compiling? That is amazing! I must run through the streets and tell everyone of this! (Sorry for the sarcasism, but it is warrented, I think.) I understand what you are trying to say, Soda. And I respect your opinion, but I don't think that scripts run without something somewhere compiling something somewhere else. I was always taught in school that computers could only read ones and zeros, are scripts typed in ones and zeros? Please correct me if I am wrong, though. But I do understand what you are trying to say: certain things can be run (and compiled) in real time.
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    compiler: takes source code and compiles into into an executable format (example, a c program)

    interpreter: takes script and interpets/executes on the spot (example: javascript)

    While the interpreter still seems like a compiler, it isn't. Yes, it is translating script into realtime machine code, but that's it. No indepth security checks, no compiling times. So a script can in fact bypass a compiler (example: ms batch files, openbsd bash files) and execute the commands/machine code directly.

    Remember, a compiler doesn't create 1 and 0's either, they create machine code which the computer/processor itself translates into binary.

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    Intrepeter! That is what I am talknig about. Thanks, Pooh. And, also, you are right about that. I am not a programmer, I don't know this stuff like you, Pooh. I have picked up a whole lot of knowledge on my little 'journey' to this website. I will now assimilate your little tidbit and then get back to you people after I do both my homework and research some stuff about this more in depth.

    (Sorry for spamming everyone who subsribed to this thread by posting so much. :-)

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    You are most welcome. Welcome to AO, of course, and do not worry about starting conversations with seemingly meaningless debates so long as you learn something out of it. While certain bits of knowledge and understanding may be common place to some people on here, we understand how others simply have not learned it yet. Thus, we are eager (if sometimes even snotty about it) to help answer any questions you have.

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