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Thread: Got strange virus/worm/trojan

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    Wow, that's all very informative.
    I was thinking of using comcast cable modem.
    At one point of time. But where I live comcast limits it services which is lame.
    So I had to settle with a BB connection.
    But it's kewl.
    Very informative thread.
    \"If knowledge is power. Why doesn\'t everybody read?\"

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    but Parr0t.. this one wasn't modified.. or I should say wasn't modified enough..

    as I stated above.. my yahoo email scanner which uses norton picked it up right away.

    of course.. my views on norton and mcafee have dimmed quite a bit in the past few years but mostly because I feel they are resource hogs.. I never trust only one AV.. I have at least three on every box.. f-prot for dos and windows, kaspersky, AVG and sometimes panda..

    I also use the feature in pest patrol to scan unknown (even to pest patrol's def's) files. It's a great little (mostly unknown) feature.. under the advanced tab, it's called "Analyze a file" it will read the contents of the file.. spit out the txt within the file and report whether the file will attempt to connect to the web.. if the file really is unknown and it IS going to connect to the web, then you could submit the file to vendors for further analysis.

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