I have a computer that appears to have been infected with a browser hijacker. My OE home page is now set to hotwebsearch.com and there is a new porn related toolbar. I cannot change the home page or remove the toolbar. There is a spot in the toolbar list for this new toolbar but there is no description. All of my favorites have been erased and replaced with links to porn related web sites.

I have run updated versions of adaware and spybot as well as various other programs all to no avail. Nothing will find it or delete it.

What is worse is that about the same time as the browser hijack I started getting all sorts of popups. When I go into the XP firewall settings I notice an ever growing list of open TCP and UDP ports. Close the ports and they open again and even more.

I have a hardware firewall and use the cheesy XP firewall, NAV, and regularly use adaware.

Does anybody have any idea on what this is or how to eleminate it????