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Thread: browser and XP firewall hijack

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    It's always good to see meeeeeee in hijackthis threads..

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    make sure yo ugo to the adaware website
    and download the new REF file

    you cant dl from the prog itself
    you have to go to the website

    i think the latest one is

    ref 01R267 12.03.2004

    also always make sure you update your AV everyday or w/e
    i usually update my norton av everyday...and it has new files everyday!

    update everything
    then you run it

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    Thanks for the heads up on adaware. I usually update the reference file and run it but because of your advice i went to the site and found all of the new plug ins that were available for me to use.
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    yo man
    i suggest that anyone who uses any kind of av, or adaware or any kind of firewall
    to please update it first than run it..than come ask questions!!!!!!!

    adware has a new REFLIST like every week....Latest reference file : 01R269 16.03.2004
    Please Note Build 181 is now available! This download is for use with build 181 and higher only. Support is no longer available for previous builds and reference files.
    Download this new ref list to your adaware and they will find more

    I use norton...they have a live update feature on the prog...or u can go to their website!!
    they usually have a update...EVERYDAY!!!!

    MOST PROGS have their own live update please use them before coming here

    i don tknow why ppl use old programs on new viruses and complain that they cant find the any viruses they have...............plz make sure u update your arsenal...run it and fix it
    than report the problems that were left behind

    like STARSKY said.........................DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!

    P.S. thanks for the negs...........i dont understand why ppl are hating!
    i dont recall sayin anything negative on this forum

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    I have no services added, but more and more of these msmsgs xxxxTCP and msmsgs xxxxUDP ports are opening.
    Are you sure it isnt msmsgr xxxxTCP etc? This is what msn messenger does on my pc do you use this?

    It could just be similar but i thought id say just in case it is just messenger opening the ports.

    P.S it seems to open a good few ports on all computers ive seen.

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    to disable messenger :
    start - run : type in services.msc
    click OK, window opens.
    scroll down to messenger
    r/click, go to properties
    startup type : hi-light DISABLED
    click apply, make sure that the start button disables,
    click OK, exit to desktop.
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    just in case it wasn't done, and Soda's link was missed.
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