Hello all, a small problem. I've decided that I don't like RedHat too much, and decided to switch to GNU Debian 3.0r2. Well, since I installed it I've found most of the software to be horribly out of date, including the kernel (v2.2.20). Since, I have downloaded new versions of GCC and GNU make, and installed them. I then proceded to update my kernel to the latest stable release, 2.6.4. I did so without too much difficulty, however when I start up it wants to fsck my root partition (ext2), but gives me an error saying it's either not checking an ext2 partition or that the superblock on the drive is bad. Will converting to ext3 solve this, and will I be able to convert to this from my 2.2.20 kernel? Or did I not configure my kernel correctly? If you need to see a config file, like the kernel's or my fstab, I can post those. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Looks like others are having the same problem. I think it's a Debian issue. If anyone else is having similar difficulties, please post!