I am the midst of a real crisis in my life right now and I know that this site is primarily focused on the educational aspects but the problem that I am confronting is now that I have all of this education I cant find a job where I can apply it. I have a bachelors of Science in Computer Science and in Business Administration with a Management Concentration from a small regional university. My computer science degree concentrated primarily on the programming aspect of things but I am more interested in network and systems administration so I after I graduated I did some studying and self teaching and got a CCNA and I am now studying for security+ which I could be ready to take at any time. The problem is that I donít have the money to take it because I graduated school in the fall of 2002 and cant land a decent job in the Computer Science field.

Seeing that the job market was in poor condition when I graduated I took a position with a large well known company and thought that I would just get my foot in the door and move up from their. 14 months later I am still doing the same crappy job and am unable to move to the technology department due to a combination of budget constraints and because their is a whole pack of other people with degrees in the technology field trying to do the same thing. I have continued to apply for other jobs and I have even gotten to the point where I applied for a job installing printers and like every other position I have tried for it was a no go. I didnít even get an interview. I want to know if the person that they hired had a masterís degree in printer installation or what because this is getting ridiculous. I am spend all of my time playing with every type of Operating System, Network equipment and Security thing that I can get my hands on and it is getting me nowhere. I have a whole spare bedroom in my apartment filled with old systems with all kinds of things loaded on them that I am always tinkering with. Is any one else having the same problem or what? My resume' is good my cover letter is good they have all been reviewed by professors from my college and no one has anything but good things to say in. The result of all of this is that I may be going back to school to be a civil engineer or something because this is just ridiculous.

What the point of all of this is that I want to know if anybody has any suggestions as far as what I need to do to get a decent job in the Computer Science field because going back to school is the last thing that I want to do right now. Also are there any other recent graduates who are in the same position?