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Thread: antivirus test?

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    and i can get that where?
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!

  2. #12 comes to mind

    Then get TASM. For other virii, look around, there are plenty in other languages...

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    the viruses on that site are ONLY detected by MCAFEE AND COMPUTER ASSOCIATES!!! i use Norton!!!
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!

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    You could try browsing around alt.comp.virus.source.code

    Also, a good source for general security I've found is InfoSysSec... You could look there too, although I'm not sure if they have a section on virii.



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    My original response was "Go work for Symantec". lol

    Better yet Google it. I have yet to understand why people are always looking for the quick fix. You will never understand **** untill you commit to researching, and reading the information.

    A simple copy paste from your post, as far as the initial question produced a ton of results.

    This one although shady comes to mind.
    Get some good religion from Bad Religion.

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    the viruses on that site are ONLY detected by MCAFEE AND COMPUTER ASSOCIATES!!! i use Norton!!!
    Where on that site does it say only McAfee of CA AV detects those virii? Norton must be a pretty bad AV if it does not detect them when in fact it does. You have proven to me you are a retarded fool.

    Go on google, read, and learn.

    Otherwise shut the hell up.

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    my norton antivirus didn't detect it after i downloaded it
    Well...its not gonna get much better than linux!

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    Hi, al1aprize

    I can well understand some people getting a little "bored" with this thread. You state that Norton does not detect it? well either Norton is no good, or it might not be set up right? As it is a major WORLD WIDE supplier, I wonder if it is the setup?

    You MUST ACTIVATE scan all files, heuristic scanning, memory yourself..........some of this scumware will subtly switch them off? You need to set up the online scan as well, or you let them straight in?

    Please realise that an AV is exactly may miss spyware, trojans, bots and the rest.......I personally believe that there is no "single solution product" these days..........beyond a Colt .45.................give it all 8 straight down..........and you will cure it (7 + one up the spout )

    Please read around the site, in particular the miscellaneous security forum...........allenby1963, I think posted a link there that has all sorts of security tools, mostly free to private users

    Seriously, this is not a simple quest, you have to look at what is around?

    Good luck

    You must realise that you have to build your defences like onion rings...there really is no "single solution"................well an Ingram from about ten feet maybe
    If you cannot do someone any good: don't do them any harm....
    As long as you did this to one of these, the least of my little did it unto Me.
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    al1aprize wrote:
    "my norton antivirus didn't detect it after i downloaded it"
    By any chance, was what you d/l in a zip file ?
    The trojan that i sent you, Trojan.downloader.inor.b, was
    in a zip file 7 my copy of NAV2003 didn't detect it either.

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    Yes it sems the writters of those virus are a part of a conspirisy against you and Symantec, written specificly to be detected my Network Associates and Computer Associates AntiVirus Software..

    Also be greatful that the others are a little more patient with you than you with them..

    Perhaps a little bit of explaination of HOW you tested those Virii will help us understand what is happening..
    How uptodate are the Def's on the NAV you were using.
    were you depending on detection on d/l or did you run a scann on the files after d/l?
    were the virii in a zip file? or the live virii, or were they the source code?
    as asked before.. the config/setting of NAV.. get them wrong and you will mis a 747 loaded with virii..
    When testing the AV with live Virii you need a CTD to do this safely.. you don't want mommies puter all fUxored do we..
    Rule number 1 of virii writters .. the Average Computer User is a complete id-10-t
    Rule number 2 of Virii Writters.. The smart Computer user we don't want to infect they are the ones we want to make life dificult.. by infecting the average user..

    cheers .. Dirty Undies
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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