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    Way ahead of you. The ports are already blocked, and they have been reported. The trace goes back to my home subnet, which is cox. I've attached the reply from cox if you'll scroll up a bit. The ethics question came in as should I fight back, or whats a better way to do other than what I've already did type deal.

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    There's not much more that you can do short of breaking the law. Technically, AFAIK, scanning is a legal activity. It happens to many people and recent upswings may be indications of kiddies finding new tools and having not enough homework. (I'm hugely generalizating here but I think you get the point). Keep in mind that as long as your firewall is responding it's doing the job it's supposed to do. I'd be more worried about what it might not pick up rather than that it is picking things up.
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    Trace and locate without illegal activities

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