Experience is key. I know others have already said it, but it needs to be repeated because it's so very important.
I'm not very far along, but I've learned a lot about how to move up through the field and I'm feeling generous, so I'll share Also, please note that these are my personal opinions and definitely not fact. I'm young and dumb to boot.
Landing a good position is about so much about who you know that it's not even funny. The current labor market for tech workers sorta sucks (at least where I'm at), but I was able to land a great job because of someone I knew.
If your company offers to pay for courses, take them up on it. The people you meet at these events are the people who can help you find a better job. Look in the paper to find out which certs most companies are looking for. I'm still trudging through the MCSE... It's a good deal of drek, but a lot of people still want MCSE's and I'm playing along.
Another thing... Start your own tech support business for home users and small businesses. Give these people great service and you never know what sort of oppurtunities will open up for you.
That's all I can think of now. Good luck.