i recently acquired the norton internet security 2004 pack and ive been very satisfied,cause it gives me a full control over my machine and informs me of all that is going on when im connected to the internet,and ive tested the pack with multiples threats and vulnerabillities and it protected the machine each time.
So,all was going good when i connected to the internet,some warnings started to appear,normal warnings,like a remote system is trying to connect to...but then i started to auto-block the ips for 48 hours,but the warnings didnt stop.as i pressed to block ok,in the second after another ip was blocked and another warning shown.this went on for 15 minutes , each time a different ip,each time a different port,each second a warning .i blocked all ips and put them on autoblock for 48 hours and finally the warnings stop.Then when all seemed to be over a small,very small window appeared with the name of feh and an alert saying point 1,then an ok button.iclicked close and appeared the same window this time saying pont 2.this went on until point 9 and then the last alert said 12lakhjdwhhqgw99012wms40.exec and then ive closed my connection and it all stoped.I checked for viruses,spyware,checked for listening ports and programas and processes running but i cant find anything suspicious.i didnt installed any new programs and all the new files were carefully checked by norton and spysweeper.
Does anyone knows what happened?
Its possible it was an hacker/s attack using multiple computers?
Does anyone recognize the alerts and windows described?

ive searched everywhere but i cant find nothing.i will appreciate if someone could give me an answer