Hey Hey,

I'm looking around this website and I'm seeing more and more people asking about certs, where to find information on them, for links to them, for reference material, etc. etc. How about creating a Certification Questions Forum outside of the security forums. A place for members to post about their experiences, their questions and their advice. This way there will be a centralized location for users to check to find answers to their questions, since the search option is still flakey and there's no real standard for where to post questions of this type. Over time it may convince members to do up posts on CCNA, A+, Network+, MCSE, GIAC and others. Almost tutorials but not quite, threads that are nothing but information, and suggestions. With CCNA becoming so common place, a sticky thread in this new forum on what the test entails, some quality reference links and so on, may cut down on the number of repeat questions.... If not, it'll at least group them all together.