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Thread: Had to chuckle

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    Talking Had to chuckle

    I'm a Network Admin for a Bank....today I had to laugh after talking to a customer having trouble accessing our internet banking site...

    He was entering his userid and password and was prompted to microsoft.com to upgrade to a newer service pack for security reasons....he called the bank very upset...

    I asked him typical troubleshooting questions ....here's how the conversation went...

    Are you using a PC or MAC? PC
    What version of Windows are you running? I'm running ME because it is the last SECURE OS that Microsoft ever made...
    Me Pausing trying not to laugh...
    What Browser are you using, Netscape or IE? I refuse to use IE for anything, its so full of security holes I can't believe people even use it...
    Again, I pause...
    What version are you running? 4.68 because future versions are not secure...this was the last secure version Netscape ran...

    What do you tell someone like this. He had obviously been fed a bunch of lies by someone that claims to know about security...the guy went on to say that ME was more secure than any other operating system because it had the fewest number of patches....

    Well yeah, that's because Microsoft does studies showing which OS's are used most and put more folks on the job to secure those OS's before older obsolete versions...

    To my knowledge - my views of ME are that it sucks...because it was out for a whole 6 months prior to WIN 2k PRO and they never went back and fixed half of the major problems with the OS. As for security - FAT32 more secure than NTFS? Well - like I said - what do you say to someone like that....

    Of course, maybe I'm in the wrong, I'm only an MCSE, MCSA...

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    I believe the question is wrong, what you need to know is that encryption protects data, not FAT32 or anything else.

    Any way security issues Microsoft never fix.

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    NTFS compression is more secure than FAT32...that what he's trying to say.

    LOL funny story...I've had a few encounters with ignorance like that too sometimes. I only worked in a bank for 3 years as a teller/assistant sys admin and had to deal with a few people like that . My gf uses ME lol. <-----No Pun INtended

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    My stupid bank won't let me connect to it with Mozilla, unless I set my user agent override to "Mozilla/4.78 " which is the lates netscape version the bank support....

    Maybe the guy was in charge of IT security at my bank!

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    I have been to a few security briefing at Microsift. They ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, start by apologizing for ME. Lol.
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    why is bongpilot getting APs for being rude? His post was nothing but complete bullshit nothing productive came out of it. No1 here has the right to tell ANYONE to stfu!

    AngelofRevenge thought it was the encryption that made them safer....just because he has 2 red dots doesnt mean he's a freegin jerk who needs to be flamed for a perfectly decent post.

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    I negged him for it, wish I could do it multiple times. there was no need for that at all.
    The only reasons I can think is:
    someone hates Angel, therefore anyone who is rude to them gets greenies,
    someones stopping the thread from going suicidal and has poor taste in who they give those greens to...
    or for some reason dont want him banned?
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    I can understand what bongpilot is saying, although I do not think it's fair to tell anyone to stfu on a site like this which promotes freedom of expression. I negged angel on another thread, and when I saw that comment there, considered negging him again (not that my negs would actually do anything). I didn't because it just seems like he doesn't understand what people are saying; like he's a bit naive.

    I won't give bongpilot any positive antipoints, but I do agree that what angel said was a bit pointless. It's just annoying when someone writes something that seems to be saying that they are totally right about something (add a "thing" in there), and what they are saying is incorrect.

    Bah...I can't explain it properly. Anyhow, when I negged angel on the other thread, it wasn't out of spite, he just appeared to be contradicting someone in a negative fashion (whatever that means), and got on my nerves.


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    ....his post is not pointless. There's nothing wrong with contradicting neither. Its not about sucking up to teh guy with the most greenies and just agreeing with everything they say (Unless its Gore ). As for bongpilot being a little apwh0re...he deleted his post to save himself from further negging.

    Also...If you negged someone Once....there's no need to get them every post that they make unless they really deserved it. Contradicting someone does not deserve to get negged every ****in post that they make!

    Can you explain yourself gothic and tell all of us how angel's post was pointless...but somehow My post, steve's and roadclosed's posts are not pointless? I didn't think so!


    Here's some of angel's posts where he's been negged. I personally cannot find any reason why he should get negged. And I defenitely dont know how he earned so many negs:


    Did he really do so much harm or offend someone that bad that he is almost getting banned!?!?!

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    Originally posted here by RoadClosed
    I have been to a few security briefing at Microsift. They ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, start by apologizing for ME. Lol.
    Yeah, I know what you mean.

    In my spare time I do my best to fix & secure systems to a reasonable level that belong to friends or family..

    Fixing WinME for one of my friends recently took the biscuit, as I couldn't believe how many times it crashed when I was applying the MS updates (8 times from a completely unpatched ME instal if my notes are correct)

    And it was infested with 120 bits of spyware, and two vicious viruses to boot, which included keyloggers, and hijacking programs

    On a more serious note, you'd be surprised how many people in the UK are running Win98 or WinME with no firewall, AV scanner etc.

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