Im a student trying to learn about the info2 file. This is what Iwant to do: find the info2 file after the recyle bin is emptied, I want to find it and recover that file. I run the freeware program Handy-Recover to find the info2 file with no success.

When I read about it, it says that the info2 file deletes the same time you empty the recycle bin.....but when I check in dos, after I have empty the recycle bin, the info2 file is still there (but it is empty)

And when the recycle bin is empited, if I drag a file to the recycle bin and after that empties, shouldn't the index number start att #0 again? mine just go on and dc16, dc17...And where is the counting of the index number? can't find it in the info2 file and should it be there? If someone can explain this I would be happy!