i do work in a law enforcement

and what we look for is possession more than anything

we wouldnt be raiding someone's house just because they are surfing child porn sites...

if someone out there is willing to meet young children that's what we look for.
and that's the people who we want to arrest.
usually we raid their house after arrest and they usually have a load of child porn in their HD

word of advice for those who talk about this BUBBA ....

if we were to bust every hacker who likes to be in places where he/she shouldnt be...we would be goin after a large population.
to be honest..just cuz you bust into a few sites doesnt mean you'll get arrested.

always remember that law enforcement needs to build a case against you
the prosecution wouldnt waste their time. also loook up the FBI.gov site
they require 5,000 in damage to make a report or for them to take it seriously.

also most white collar crimes end up in low security prison...they will meet Mr Rogers not Bubba...bubba hangs out with murderers and rapists..........

be smart! play Safe!