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    take my words
    he is safe untill he is engaged in all
    Sometimes realitys are dreams we cannot live in.... (as my bst fren says) [/shadow]

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    ok neohunk - just a question for you... why should we take your word for it??

    Do you work in law enforcement or do you know people who do? Are you a legal expert? I'm not trying to have ago at you (well not yet), but on something as serious as this I think you should at least provide some kind of indication of what your credentials are to enable you to say the above. W00kies post for example states that he does work for law enforcement, as he also make some sensible comments I would be more likely to trust his word than yours. Or were you just saying this to agree with other folks??

    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes

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    To wookies,

    I want to thank you publicly for your input to this topic. Thanks

    I have tried to give you some greenies but I have given them to you in another thread and the AP system will not allow me to assign you anymore at this time. Good post, yours was the one that pulled the most weight to my friends decision to continue to use his computer.

    Keep up the good work.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    I just read through this thread and saw the reference "poor guy" a few times. I am somewhat curious though, if his pop-up blocker was off, and he "stumbled" onto a kiddie porn sight, what was he looking for to begin with? I am not pointing fingers or making accusations, but usually you are safe on the internet as long as you stick to trusted sights. You are not going to get linked to a porn sight off of AntiOnline.Com or SecurityFocus.Com. Maybe another possibility of what to tell your friend is to be careful where he is going in the first place. If he sticks to legitmate sights, he should not have to worry about being linked to kiddie porn, and he would have been able to avoid this whole mess.

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    Nick: I could say rubbish..... But I won't. There are plenty of places that will appear to be kosher when you look at the link but when you click it you can be deluged in popup sites that won't go away or lead you deeper into "trouble". I see it quite regularly with quite respectable and believable users on my network when they are researching stuff.

    It's much easier than you think to stumble onto porn out there.
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