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Thread: TALLY password storing location

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    telly password storing locatio

    hi all

    I need help . I am using TALLY software. Its a banking software.

    I need to know where the password in the file is stored when u create a new company info.

    I know that it is stored somewhere in the company.500 file. But the problem is that it is encrypted in some form.

    I donot know the encryption algorithm either.

    PLz help me if u can!

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    i know..

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    This thread is 3 years old. If something hasn't been answered within 6 months it is safe to assume that the original poster has found a solution.

    In this case he wouldn't get an answer because TALLY is an Indian software house and most of us would have never seen it. He should have asked his question on an Indian support forum where their packages are very popular.

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