I picked up an IPAD 2500 (Internet Protocol Adapter) intending to play with it as a firewall/internet gateway.

Ipad 2500
Pentium processors at 166MHZ
2 GB hard drive
Intel LAN card (PRO/100)
8 MB memory
two PS/2 ports
one monitor port
2 serial ports
1 parallel port

Networking software with fully integrated firewall and NAT router is installed, I have the software disks and manual.

My problem is that I simply can't figure out how to connect through it as a firewall/gateway on a dial up connection.

The manual instructions are:
connect your remote internet feed wire to the Model 2500's provider port.
Modem. Connect the telephone wire from the feed port to your telephone jack.
I can't figure out what they are talking about, the only place I have to attach anything even remotely close to a phone cord is the LAN card, which I have attached to my computer with a cross over cable.

I'm hoping that I have supplied enough information here to allow somebody to point me in the proper direction. I want to use it as a firewall, I have only one computer I want to have internet access through it at the moment, but soon will have 2 computers networked with it.

I have spent LOTS of google time on this, I can't find any further documentation links for the product or software.

I'm including pics that show the rear of the IPAD and a view of the NIC card (just so ya'll know I'm not blind and there really is noplace for a phone line.)