Whenever I bring up the Task Manager by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del on WinXP Pro, when it shows up, the menu bars and tabs at the top portion of the Task Manager is invisible. Like, it's non existent

I personally find this might be very alarming because this means there's a peace of malignant something hidden in my OS that's attempting to hide itself from one of those Tabs that shows all the processes that are running in the background.

These are the steps I've taken that have not worked at all. All these are the most latest versions and updated.

1) Norton Antivirus
4) Spybot
5) The Cleaner

I am completely confuzed and frustrated because nobody I know has any ideas on how to fix this small yet very irritating problem.

I am also posting a screenShot of the Task Manager

I know for a fact a clean format and reinstall will get rid of it but I have too much important data and not enough time to do this.