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Thread: i.e. must die

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    On my phone it has a light and if someone hangs up it blinks red. And everytime when the internet disconnects me it does this and never before when I would disconnect myself would the light blink!
    I was going to recommend you get a copy of hijackthis and post the log here.. that is utill I re-read the above....

    Connect your Computer to annother wall socket..I am assuming that you have a wall socket in your room and not at the end of maze of extension leads and splitters and couplers .. The flashing Light (I suspect) flashes when the phone rings ..right? now why it didn't do this when you disconnected from your ISP before is strange..
    Could someone else in the house be playing a joke on you?
    HAve you Tried a new cable between the Modem and the Wall socket..
    When you are on the phone .. do you hear clicks or pops. or a crackling noises?
    We still need to check that something in your machine isn't causing it to disconnect.. so HJT is now recommended..

    As for the PeoplePC prog.. there is no accounting for poor quality programming..

    please not what I have just written has already been sujested.. I have just reworded..

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    I am sick and tired of heading about HiJack This. That program is not the *new* jesus. Don't waste time reading logs that are confusing, pointless, and possibly dangerous to alter even if you know what you are doing. Use spybot or adaware to remove spyware, trojans, and jacked software. Why do I recommend it over that bedamned HiJack this program? Because spybot and adaware recognizes WHAT IS SPYWARE ALREADY.

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    Call waiting or someone just picking up the phone will knock some modems off.
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    *Just got home and kicking myself* I just recently installed some ram and must have messed up my connecting cable to the modem, so it was a problem inside my puter tower like I guessed before. So everything works now, and feel like a moron. Thanks for you help. My phone blinks green when someone calls and when someone hangs up it blinks red. Its a 4.00 ratshack(radioshack) phone! No I don't think hijack this is the Jesus. It might be the anti-christ since Neo was/is the one. lol/jk As far as kicking me off with call waiting don't have it here at my house but I wistle into my phone and it knocks me off and even calls at&t for me!

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    I went to Broadband, and as a backup ? I left the old dial up modem in and connected !!!!
    result : everytime the phone rang, the system crashed. Solution : introduced the dial up modem to Mr bin !!
    for my thoughts : my initial take is the connection, so, start with the wiring. As it is a dial up, listen to the unit beeping away as the speed synch handshake occurs. Do you have another sys in the household, with IE, but a different ISP ?? work through the physical before you go to the S/Ware.

    edit< posted same time as Kurt, but at least the fault is gone. > end edit
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    when I was in the hell of dialup in a rural setting, whenever they would change something on teh poles I.E. someone added a line up the street etc, it would make our line quality go down because our equipment was all old on our street. The phone company was out all the time, trying to correct the line quality. Ours was bad enough to hear the static.
    Line noise will cause EXACTLY what you are talking about. and since it came on suddenly, Id suggest something changed in your neighborhood phone lines. Seen the trucks around lately?
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