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    Thank you for all of your replies. They have been very helpful. The screensaver route seems the way to go. I was looking at our Teacher policy in netware admin, and I created a new policy to run when the screen saver is activated. What do I tell it to run? what exe will cause a hard shutdown or restart?

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    Checkout PsShutdown from sysinternals, that should do the trick for you.


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    I found the solution:

    Winexit.scr: Windows Exit Screen Saver


    WinExit is a screen saver that logs the current user off after the specified time has elapsed. In other respects it is similar to other screen savers and can be configured and tested on the Screen Saver tab of the Display Properties dialog box in Control Panel.

    WinExit displays a dialog box containing the countdown timer and a user-defined message. When the countdown timer reaches zero, the logoff process is initiated

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