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Thread: aim emoticons

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    aim emoticons

    i was wondering where a program like aim stores the emoticons. i tried looking at it with resource hacker and stuff but i didnt find anything. i thought it would be cool to replace my emoticons with cooler ones. and if i did, would the people on the other side see them when i used them? or would they just see the original emoticon?

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    I think the emoticons are on the AIM server side, so you won't be able to touch them. Unlike the away messages, buddy icons, and whatever, which is on your box.

    I'm guessing if it were possible, it would show up in the first 5 results in google, which it didn't.
    Aim questions are better handled in bigblueball.com instead of antionline.


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    The emoticons are done locally. When you send a colon followed by a right parenthesis : ) , AIM automatically replaces it with the smiley face. This process is done on both computers. If you are using a 3rd party client, such as GAIM, which can be configured to not replace the text with icons, you see nothing on your side, however, the person you originally messaged still sees the same icon since it is being replaced locally on their side.

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    i thought as much, it still wouldnt be possible to change it on my side tho, for my own benefit?

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    You could always switch to using Trillian, they have an extensive and neat smiley package.

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