I was checking out these tuts on happyhacker.org and some of the steps were a little vague and i was hoping somebody here could point me in the right directoin since everybody in their irc channel decided to ignore me.

Whoa, look at all those file folders that come up on the screen. Now for fun, click "Program Files" then click "Accessories" then click "Paint." All of a sudden Paint is running. Now paint your teacher who is watching this hack surprised.

Next close all that stuff and get back to the URL window in IE. Click on the Windows folder, then click on Regedit.exe to start it up. Export the password file (it's in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT). Open it in Word Pad.
I could not find the password file in the hkey_classes_root folder of my registry(i looked for a while). whats the name of it? (im running windows xp home)

1) Click "help", then "About Microsoft (name of program inserted here)," then "System Info..."

2) This brings up a window which includes a button labeled "run." Click "run" and put in anything you want, for example regedit.exe! (That is, unless the security program you are trying to break has a way to disable this.)
didnt see a "run button" when i did this. im using microsoft office xp.