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    need help about placing exe file in to website

    hai i want to know how to place an exe file into my home page...that when ever user clicks on my url the exe file should be installed...plz help me.

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    If you mean so the usr can click the file and download it and install it, just put the file in folder. I use /public/www/files on my webserver. Just put the file in there, put some text on your web page for the file. For expample if its a spybot, you might put something like


    then creata a hyperlink to the .exe file.

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    Re: need help about placing exe file in to website

    Originally posted here by spyblasters
    hai i want to know how to place an exe file into my home page...that when ever user clicks on my url the exe file should be installed...plz help me.
    I sure hope that what cheyenne1212 assumed you wanted was true, otherwise you are on the wrong site. If you want the exe file to download and execute when they first open your site WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION than you are attempting to do something that is not right (even illegal in some countries, I believe).
    And this sites purpose is too help defend against such measures.
    Please feel free to correct me if my assumptions are incorrect.
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    On what webserver?
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    *looks at the question in both lights*
    *looks at the wording of the question*
    *looks at the post count...*
    wont neg you... but sounds too malicious to even give it a thought.
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    hai i want to know how to place an exe file into my home page...that when ever user clicks on my url the exe file should be installed...plz help me.
    were ya drunk when u posted this?!!delete it or soon you 'll get ashed.at least change the way the question is asked somthing like "Hi i have been infected with a trojan that i think got into my system when i clicked a link one of my chat friends sent me can someone tell me how this can be possible i am using IE.6+sp1 win.XP thanx in advance".

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    /me hugs spyblasters

    welcome to AO

    if you can use php you can use this script to upload:


    I would put a .htaccess file in the directory with the upload script. May not be the best solution, and you probably have ftp anyway. Just thought I'd suggest. And if you do use that script, you'll probably want to edit it some. Peace.

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    All you need to id a hyperlink with this "file:\\c:/windows/" as address

    <a href="file:\\c:/windows/">

    This will send IE to your c:/windows/

    So if you want to run a execute that ALLREADY localy on a computer, you just have to know the exact spot and check the link. If your exe point on your webserver, the users will be ask that he should do.
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    not quite true

    if you were to create a hyper link to an .exe on your local machine it will still ask you if you want to run/download it

    if spyblaster is talking about setting up a website for people to download programs then it is much the same thing - you just need to create a hyper link such as

    <a href="file.exe">Download the file</a>

    that is assuming the .exe is in the same dir as the webpage


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    Hmmm, I lookeed over all three of Spyblaster's posts here on AO. He has asked for help with:

    1) Free SMTP services
    2) Running an (unprompted) EXE when a user hits his site
    3) A way to auth users who hit his site

    Now, is it me or does anyone else here think there is a reason he is asking for this information? Can anyone see a pattern here? If not, throw your computer in a lake and take up bird watching.

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