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    shutdown problem


    my freind's computer keeps on shuting down by itself

    what could it be and how can i fix it

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    Hey Hey,

    Sounds like something related to MSBlast or a Variant using MS03-026 Exploit. I'd say make sure the PC is fully updated and run a virus scan. Without more details that's the best you can be told. If you want to tell us exactly what is happening, and give us more details on his computer we may be able to better help you.

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    Good Day,

    A common cause of shutdown is overheating. Make sure his box fans and cpu fan are functioning properly. And have him go into setup and he can usually find a menu item that will give him his cpu temp etc. Make sure these are in harmony with the manufactures recommended temps. Don't forget to blow out all the dust if there is any.

    If his temps are ok, then do a search at microsoft for his symptoms and www.google.com can help as well.


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    You have two very good answers there, but we do need a bit more info.

    1. Does it shut down, restart or just crash?
    2. Does this happen after about a minute (virus) a longer, but consistent time (heat) or is this something that happens at random/irregular times (possibly software problems, EMP, power supply, etc...........)
    3. What is the operating system?
    4. Has he applied all the updates?
    5. Is he running a firewall?
    6. What is the machine doing when this happens?


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    I had the same problem and it turned out to be my mother board.
    Mad Beaver

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