hi there... would like to ask about why the following error message always pop up everytime that i boot up my pc??

1st error message its regarding to "Symantec Ghost Configuration Server"
" Unable to create the configuration server network endpoint. Please check that the system has TCP/IP networking enabled and that the network has been assigned an IP network address."

2nd msg also regard for Symantec Ghost
"08001 [Sybase] [ODBC Driver] [Adaptive Server Anywhere] unable to connect to database server: Database server not running."

And this is the one that most common that even appear in my office pc..
"At least one service or driver failed during system startup. Use Event Viewer to examine the event log for details."

so what is actually the error msg telling?? and how am i going to fix it??

Another lame question is in the Processes in Task Manager (W2K), there are a lots of services running in the backgroud, right?? how do i know which one is the core services that should run and which are those like trojan house? i try to end some process, some success and some didnt~! Even 'Svchost' have more than one... how i figure out which one is real one? cause i know some trojan program like Beast is able to create a svchost and plant it to the system! is there any guideline to check for each of every services?

Thanks for even droping by to read my question.