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Thread: Black Ice

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    Ok guys, I have a question to throw at you now. I read a thread not too long ago on here that mentioned the concept of double-firewalling, and I've been curious about it ever since. I haven't had enough memory to run two firewalls simultaneously though, until now, so I'm going to give it shot when I have some spare time just to see what happens.

    So, I was thinking pairing up BlackICE and ZoneAlarm. I currently use ZoneAlarm because 1) for me it's worked great and 2) more people sing its praises than not. I've stayed away from BlackICE thus far because the vast, vast majority of people I've run into have told nothing but horror stories about it, with only the occasional happy user.

    Anyway, both are still among the most popular though evidently, so perhaps if you could figure out a way to run them both together without them interefering with each other (if such is even possible), then maybe they'd cancel out each other's weaknesses. Am I crazy?

    Anyway, just a wild idea I'd throw out there. I guess I'll give it a try soon and report back on what happens.

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    I might be wrong but there are downfalls to Double Firewalling. One main reason that I think I remember reading is, I believe that when you Double Firewall there is a hole left on your system. I might be wrong. Give me a sec and I will see if I can find what

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    That seems odd, how could doubling firewalls create a hole? Please do let me know what you find.

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    Frankly, using two software firewalls on a single machine is a waste of resources and makes troubleshooting more difficult, nit to mention you have two things squabbling over who has fist crack at every packet.

    If you want to double firewall use a hardware appliance such as a linksys and a software firewall of your choice on the box itself. Easier to deal with, only one egress filter to worry about, relatively cheap and less of a headache.
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    Thumbs up you just cant beat em

    I tried Kerio,weak.Discarded.....I Personally do use Zone Alarm Pro it Works And its perfect a lil bit ugly of a font thou.(anyone know how to change a tray icon)ANYWAY,.....the thing is Black Ice is what is otherwise refered to as "Intrusion Dectection/Protection" its "firewall", I believe,is refered to genericly.I deleted all firewall rules,then input THE IP 255 255 255 255:TO block all ports,block all tcp ports,block all udp ports;ONLY 3 ENTRIES it formed a perfect vacume the "firewall" for BLACK Ice is now perfect(but remember it only dose what its supposed to:intrusion detection)It also monitors and dose applicaton protection.Whatever it Monitors,it Detects,It also automaticly blocks.(port probes/scans ect)Like I said i love black ice but it dose seem to have its weakness .Now ,let me tell you between Zone Alarm Pro and Black Ice I have an ABSOLUTE VACUME.and of course ,zone alarm is fully configurable from there.

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    Well good luck then screwedn2, may your dictionary never get used and your firewall never crash.

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