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    the best thing you can do to sucure your computer is dont piss anyone off
    While that may be, I would argue that a good way to learn to secure your box is to do everything you can to piss someone off, especially if they have better skills than you....

    Besides, life gets a little boring if you don't piss people off from time to time.

    EDIT: My apologies for bringing up a somewhat old thread...it cracked me up for some reason, probably because I am old enough that I don't remember the last time I was worried about pissing someone off...

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    the best thing you can do to sucure your computer is dont piss anyone off
    Pissing someone off isn't necessarily the reason why an attacker will go after your computer. Sometimes it's because your system is vulnerable (use it for a launchpad), just because it exists (I call this the Mount Everest theory), for financial gain (hey, data is valuable, even yours!), so they can say they did it (bragging rights), to promote a particular view (hacktivism) and many others. Quite often, IMHO, the "revenge" reason is done by kiddies.
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    i agree fully with MsM. most of the times you dont even know the perp. they hack you simply because they can.
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    I agree with Sgear17 trojans are what beginners use. but hacking without a trojan deos not let the hacker steel files and do stuff related to that. instead he\or she can do other types of atackes like screw up you computer from the out side (put you off line ect).There are ways to steel files like when using a trojan but they use weak spots in the computer instead of useing a trojan to go in the inside and open the door .

    ps sorry for my spelling

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    Alaedin, typically speaking, in order to attack a host over a network, one has to exploit a vulnerability in a service(ie. web, mail, DNS, quake, whatever). What a remote access trojan does, basically, is add a running service to a host that is tailored to be exploited. Most modern operating systems that have a TCP/IP stack are also capable of running services, and often do, depending on how they are configured. I believe your question has it's basis in what people used to often say about windows 9x OS's, that out of the box they ran no services, and are incapable of routing IP, so are incapable of being attacked without an installed trojan(outside of file sharing etc.) It's funny but because they were so network-inert(lacking features) it kind of made them more secure.
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    The best way to secure yourself is to promptly install Windows NT 4 Server with Out of the Box IIS.
    When I lived on Campus there were random attacks, pissing people off has nothing to do with it.
    Read more posts on here, thats the best thing to do.
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