Humble and sincere appologies. I did not know I was spamming this page. Scanning through I saw references to other products and thought it would be OK to help a freind get going, I am usually careful as to the pages I use to post, but do many things inbetween 12 hours a day of writing code. This was one of them and my appologies are sincere. I understand the other "code" well as I have been *racking and *acking since before some of my detractors were born. We are an omnipotent bunch and attack each other without abandon. I screwed up. Sorry....
Soda_Popinsky: Its more like number 5 but I now detract and return to a tarnished state of honor. and, Obviously its not my site or I would have known that!
Atticus|1: Insult noted with assurances of regret. IF you knew me by a few of my aliases, you may have been a second or two less forthcoming.
moxnix: nice handle
LASTLY : I will revisit the sites I posted to make sure I'm welcome, and humbly request the removal of the offending thread from this page.

How about for future unwitting spammers we simply shoot them an idea of accepted behavior before the hangin'
Take it somewhere else.. or this is not an add board, please request a removal of your post.
Etiquette in my experience is the only thing thats ever given true byteites a bad rap.