I left my computer online to do updates/patches. I'm running windows XP Home Edition and use a dial-up internet connection.
This morning when I went to reboot I stumbled upon a download folder that contained a total of 83 files I'd never seen before.
All the files appear with the .doc icon, but are .exe files.
names are:
Atkins Diet.doc.exe
Britney Spears.pic.exe
Adobe photoshop.exe
three of them are shortcuts to DOS named:
Dark Angels new DOS shortcut
Dark Angel ....etc.

I did a search and found all of these files copied into a total of 70 folders throughout my entire system. The files were all created yesterday evening shortly after I left for work.
I did a system restore (it took almost half an hour to complete....which I've never seen it do before.)

How do I recover from this? Is simply deleting all the files sufficient?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.