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    not to offend anyone but i would never use norton. i have seen it delete too many system files that were prefectly fine cause it thought they were viruses or other things. i dont recomned norton to anyone... like i said before sorry if i offend anyone with this relpy

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    Originally posted here by Soda_Popinsky
    Guys.... he did say plzzzzzzzzzz.

    Here's a pic with a bunch of serials and cd keys. It's a pic so it can't be found by anti-serial scanners. It'll get you in the most popular software, including your AV.
    I love the bunny, lol.

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    hi, i have just got norton anit virus 2004 and i have updated it and it is saying that my virus definitions is out of date can anyone help please?????? if you can please email me thanx


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    doesnt matter any more i found out wot the problem was, anyone that has any problems with norton anitvirus then email me james.bramhall14@ntlworld.com

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    Posts like these are what make me want to stab AO in the face sometimes.

    No, we will not give you a CD-Key for Nortan, or anything for that matter. This is a security site, this is not a "hax0r" site, or even a "hacker" site in some peoples mind. Where by hacker, I mean someone malicous. This is a site to discuss security, and such things. We, or atleast I personally, don't want this **** here anymore. So why don't you, and your friends posting posts like this, just pack-up and leave, and maybe, just maybe I'll see some better talk here, and start posting more.

    Thank you for your time, jackass.


    PS. Excuse the rant, I'm not in a good mood, and stuff like this is stupid.
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