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    The 192.168.x.x addys are private numbers for internal networks. They are reserved by IANA to not be used in public.

    These are probably originating from your own network. I'm assuming you have a broadband connection you're using for your net connectivity. The connection then goes through a router then to your computer. The is the address of the internal interface to your router that you go through to get to the net (called a gateway). The router is assigning ip addys to the computers inside the network (via DHCP) starting with The is a computer inside your network. As a matter of fact it may be your internal IP. To check, open a command prompt and type "ipconfig /all" (w/o quotes) and find the "IP address" for your adapter.

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    If you have a router or network the ip's are people on the network so that means that you they may have a trojen on there computer.

    what type of attack is it ?
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    OK guy's this is where I get really stupid....
    I do have another comp on my network( this one is a compaq the other a dell) connected thru a router (linksys, 4 port etherfast,cable/dsl router)mostly so we can play games against eachother for LAN connection. However this comp only is connected to internet straight into this comp thru dial up. My brother configured it because it was kinda beyond what I knew how to do. When I pull up command prompt and type in"ipconfig/all"
    it shows ethernet connections and yes ip address is
    subnet mask is
    default gateway is
    scroll down some and it shows ppp adaptor and my isp provider name
    the ip for this comp at present time as i log in it assigns different one
    subnet mask is the same
    default gateway matches currently displayed ip address
    dchp enabled no ? whatever that means
    dns server

    In NIS- personal firewall-internet zone control trusted site range is :
    address range
    Network address IP169.254.0.0 mask

    IF any of this helps?
    So are you thinking these are comming from my router?
    Getting kicked back by NIS as an attack?
    I forget but it think it was popping" Trois v1 Trojan"

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    If I'm not wrong these are reserved IPs for internal use, basicaly it is one of your network mashines if you got a network at home or it could be your ISPs machine.

    I'm not 100% sure on the last one though
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    192.168.anything is a "Private" address. It is only used on private networks.

    Also 169.254.whatever is a fallback address known as Automatic Privat Address. If Windows can't get DHCP info, it can either fall back on a private address such as or a static IP that either the user or administrator sets beforehand.

    I have my laptop set up to pull DHCP, if there is no DHCP I have it default to a static IP of, this is because I disabled the DHCP server in my router.

    I'll come back in later when I have more time to explain this stuff.

    EDIT: If you set a static IP, remember to input DNS and gateway info...
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    im looking for anyone who knows of what happened to a software (it was call methodustools 2.0 ithink) that help you destroy these kinda craps that poor NUKE8771 is dealing with my ports are scanned regularly and i had a download of some kinda software that would do just about anything they could do to you could do to them with just a click away from sending fake Emails too.. i had been sent a fake AOL Email asking credit info and evrything too password etc.. when i was an AOL-iteiot and almost fell for it i then retaliated w/ a fakie myself w/o aand have had to reinstall my op system three times while i had AOL but the methodustools wass messing with my system..and uninstalled it.... i too am a newbie and total pc illiterate like NUKE8771 so to ALL the newbs and nitecrawlers PLZ.. <H><SUP><E><L><SUB><P>

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    never mind my post fellas just pretend you dont even see it Thanks for all your cooperation newbie1canewbie over and out

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