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    Yep a bit like my suspicion of a a certain Eastern European AV company a few years ago. With any of the Av companies.. where is ALL the Marketing money spent..
    And when the *nix market is ripe.. which of the AV companies will "Discover" the First mass spreader? will it be a skript kiddy or the Kalamazoo marketing company that just happens to sub contract to a subontractor to Symantec or McAfee or RAV (nod nod wink wink)..

    Notice when A Virus is in the news. - even a Cat 1 Virii- . AV product sales skyrocket- and when they aren't in the news -inspite of the proliferation of cat 3's and 4's- AV product sales are very ordinary..

    Always funny.. if a media company ie Packer or murdoch in Aussi- have a worm or virii go through their systems..it is frontpage news.. so If I was the little subcontractor .. guesswho I would make sure were on my hit list when sales are quiet?

    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    Undies: Yeah... I know what you mean and I'm with you on it.... I was just harping back to my youth when viruses were "what?????".... and AV companies were an mere egg in the thing of the future.... There were people back then, and I wasn't far from the "pack", that said that viruses were a "fad" and would be eliminated..... Of course, at that time the internet was 1200 baud or less..... Who would have known? Viruses going worldwide in 15 minutes is the target..... <lol> Boot sector viruses from the floppy you left in the drive used to take 15 minutes to infect your machine at the speed they used to boot...

    I was reminiscing.... Give an old fart his 1.5 seconds... ok? <LOL>
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