Hai, just wanna know how do i get an ip address from another pc that i connect to? for example, i chatting with friend via ICQ or MSN.... how am i going to check out his external ip address?? i try to use 'netstat' & 'routeprint' to view it. but seems not to appear the actual especially i'm in office behide a hub / switch. some tools that i try, like 'Whereissp' is does show me the person that i communicate with ICQ, but i think thats the internal IP address. so is there any technique or tools that i can get to figure out their IP address and hostname??

another Qs is I do a scanning like port scanning to a particular machine, i reliased some port are open like 21, 23 or 80... so what i can do next?? like 80, issit the only way i an do is check out what web server they run, and find the vulnerabilities for that server? or just simply send a trojan/rootkit and hoping that guy to open it? or like port 23, i knew that port is open and try to telnet to it.... without knowing the password, do i able to break in? or just using tools to perform session hijack or what?

i am a newbies, i am definately not asking this for hacking purpose~ cause i want to know how is actually working behide it.... for me, i do not want to learn like most of the people (opss.. i dont mean u) where just know performing the tools or just mention the technical term without know whats goingon behide... the most common question when asking a so-called Hacker is ~ how do u hacking? he will just try to mention tons of technical term and try to bring u around... and lastly if unable to answer, the term call "Social Engineering" will be bring up and said can be apply here... what a joke~! (i'm not against "S-E")

and most of the so-called hacking/ cracking tools, i doubt with it~ especially Paswword cracking tools~~ i mean like in this side, ppl told me how powerful & easily to crack a password & on other side, some fact or calculator show how many millions year i require to crack a pw with complexity... not to mention, encryption and revert from hash~

i am here not to offense anyone, but just to learn~ maybe i am wrong or i might not be in deep in hacker world yet, so maybe tons of things or tools i never touch before... correct me if i wrong and share with me.... ok? thz a lot... happy learning..