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    hmmmmm.knowing what u know would be knowing it all?but what is knowing?the hacker blazes by definition.passes on new and old information.if he must pass on old info it must come with modifications....did u fail?thanks any way ,glad utook asot at it.gggg

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    I'd love my little brother to death and let him have an admin account. But I'd also come to an agreement with him that we'd use accounts with less priviledges on a daily basis. You give him a share of responsibility and the opportunity to learn how to handle it, which in your situation really doesn't create a major problem. Your responsibility is to ensure that you have adequate backups, just in case something does get screwed up. You have a wonderful trust relationship with your brother, and both of you can benefit from that.
    Yours is not a corporate environment were the loss of data could break the business. Keep the perspective.

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    If you input "control userpasswords2" into Run box, you can set up a power usr account for yourself and your brother or change existing settings. Being a poweruser should allow your brother to install his games and most of the rest of the stuff
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    Scalar, Bluthund, Please notice that on the previous page the date of this post was blinking. That means that this thread is out-dated, please try to avoid posting in old forums.
    What's the big deal? It's not like it's a year old or anything?

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