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Thread: DNS Setting

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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80
    SirDice: Wouldn't it be kind of pointless (outside educational purposes) to run your own DNS server on such a small network?
    I use it for educational purposes but it also caches, forwards and is authoritive for a small domain for internal use at home. It includes things like www.mydomain.home, an MX record for mydomain.home and some records for all my (virtual) machines.

    You have one more service running than really needed. You'd just be increasing your security vulnerabilites if you don't know how to properly and securely configure it.
    Not really. This service is only available for internal clients (my own machines). It isn't accessible from the "outside".
    (and I do know how to properly configure and secure it )
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    is there anything else that should be set up to run BIND?
    because I think that all my conf files are correct, but named won't start. (when I type named it seems to work) but when I ps -aux |grem named I don't get anything nor when I check the port 53 .
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    I responded to your email. It was a simple syntax error from the looks of things, but we won't know until he posts or replies to me.
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    Only NameServers who have authority over IP ranges have the ability to administer PTR records.

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    Personally I think it is a good Idea to run your own DNS on a small network
    I have 3 myself, 2 DNS's using Treewalk
    and one on my Qube 2... It is a good education on DNS's
    And now I have and maintain 4 external and
    I maintain 6 internal DNS's in 3 locations
    Customers like it because they do not have to
    depend on external DNS's especially if there screwey...
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