pwaring Jury deliberations are confidential in the US also. At least as far as naming the Jurors goes. All we actually knew was that one jurur would not cast a guilty verdict, thereby holding up a decision, since the verdict must be unanimus. We never would have known which juror was responsible for the hold out, if it were not for the sheer act of stupidity, where the juror in question gave a "thumbs up" to the Tyco defendants when the jury re-entered the courtroom. IMHO with the mountain of evidence against Tyco, I do not see how anyone could come to the conclusion that the executives were anything but guilty. Then again money talks. Unfortunately, almost everyone has a price. If you were a juror how much would it take to buy your vote? 1- 2- 5 million? Your family members not having broken legs? The Tyco executives have sufficient funds to make this happen. It's just a matter of finding how much or what matters to you? If I was the head of the government prosecution team, I would be looking real hard for a witness tampering link.