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Thread: vbrun300.dll

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    Originally posted here by chsh
    Responded to privately. IMHO no reason to air it out in a thread asking for help, especially when there is a convenient "contact user about assignment" link.
    Buddy...go take a look in the mirror.
    1. I never identified you in my supposed "complaint", just asked what your problem was.
    2. I'm not running around bitching about negative AP assignments via my signature like some people *cough*chsh*cough*.
    3. According to Microsoft, I'm correct.

    Get over it.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    I thank you all for your help, the window\system folder thingy did work. But just to let you know the flaming is unneeded and childish even for a 41 year old man like allenb1963 and 23 year old chsh, were all adults here please treat each other with more respect than the CIA treats us with.

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    Um... didn't anyone relize that he is trying to run it from a tmp dir? Wouldn't that have something to do with it? Since he says he has the file? Just a thought, if you exctracted it from a .zip try unzipping it into a non-tmp folder, like My Documents or whatever.

    Who knows.

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