I was exploring about with netcat yesterday on windows and i was having some problems doing some of the stuff that i thought it should be able to do. for example, i set it up on 2 of my comps to give me cmd.exe when i connect to them. when i connect to them, i cant execute programs, if i run ie, it will start in the background but wont actually do anything. this makes it hard for me to use programs like shutdown or telnet(shouldnt i be able to telnet to my downstairs comp and from that be able to telnet to my other comp?). also, i tried putting nc in the windows directory and making a batch file like this(and put it in the startup folder so it runs everytime the comp is started):

@echo off
@nc -v -L -d -p 1 -e cmd.exe
and it just hangs and never really starts netcat, i had to make a shortcut with a target of "C:\WINDOWS\nc.exe -v -L -d -p 1 -e cmd.exe". it does the same thing, but id really like to figure out why the batch file didnt work(im wierd like that)