Hi Guy's,

The story is:

Setting up Win98 on a Compaq Deskpro En (P3-667-128mb) for a friend. Afetr the standard probs of drivers, all appeared to be workig ok. upgraded directx first to DX8.1 and IE to 5.5.
I then went to install Musicmatch jukebox 8.. this is when I realised there was a problem..
Anything that is played, CD's Wav and MP3's, is playing at about 50% faster than it should. ie if the song has a play time of 45seconds, it will take less than 30 seconds to complete..
I removed MM jukebox, upgraded mediaplayer to to v9, then applied all the updates for 98 and upgraded DX to 9, IE to 6, reinstalled mm jukebox 8. removed and reinstalled Sound drivers.

Now short of formatting and reinstalling Win98 (I was about to ghost the drive before I noticed the problem) Has anyone encountered this problem? it dosent have to be on the same hardware or even OS.. I am looking for a possable cause.. If I need to reinstall I want to find the trap before I reinstall and avoid it next time.

Thanks and Cheers