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    Connect RH 9.0 to the internet

    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone now how to make my RH 9.0 linux connect to the internet using cable?. I have XP installed on one HDD and RH 9.0 installed in another HDD, when I try to connect to the internet using XP it works just fine, I have Optimum Online which is my cable ISP, but when I go to RH 9.0 it doesn't connect, I don't even think it recognizes my Network Adapter (which is a Broadcom 440X 10/100 Integrate Controller).
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideas? Help!!!!!!!!
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    how about being more specific....

    What is the output from ifconfig (ifconfig eth0)?

    dmesg? Any specific errors here?

    What does 'redhat-config-network' show? Did you configure the network during the installation procudure?

    Is the NIC connectivity/activity led illuminated?

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