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Thread: dns server

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    dns server

    can any one recomend a good dns server for playing around with on my network preferably free of realy cheap thanks

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    re: DNS server

    I'm assuming that you're referring to running a DNS server yourself....

    depends on what OS the host machine is running:

    1. Windows - run the native DNS component.
    2. *Nix - BIND

    No cost associated with either choice other than your own time and energy. Here are respective links for each to get you going...

    1. http://www.petri.co.il/install_and_c...dns_server.htm
    2. www.google.com (there are so many variations, you should search specifically for your platform).

    Note: You could also run BIND on Windows is so inclined.

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    Best bet for BIND if you're really serious is to grab a copy of DNS and BIND, 4th edition, from Oreilly. It's *the* reference/tutorial book on the subject and is highly recommended. You could see if your local library has a copy if you can't afford to buy the book itself.
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