i just bought a new geforce fx 5600 agp gfx card and i am trying to install it on a pcchips m925 motherboard. this motherboard already has an onboard gfx card, but it sucks. i need to disable it and get my geforce installed. anybody know how to do it? i've tried the manufacuter website... www.pcchips.com it hasnt been much help

i also found this on google:
gfx installation message board thingy
that cant be good

can anybody give me some help about how to go about disabling an onboard video card?

i've been poking around that site and i've managed to figure out that my motherboard is probably the m925 v5.0 (based on the pics and comparing the specs). i couldnt find the manual for that particular board, but i have one for a board that is very similar, im reading it now.
here is the manual nothing much there...