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Thread: how to transfer forms into a computer so I can write on them

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    Question how to transfer forms into a computer so I can write on them

    Hi everyone ok here's the problem I have to fill out reports everyday and I thought that it would be easier if I just found a way to place it into my computer, so I scanned and that takes forever filling out everything, all Im doing is typing on a picture and it comes out badly.

    So I was wondering if there is any program or a better way of to transfer the forms into my computer so I can write on them. If anyone has any idea's or knows a program I would appreciate it. and thanks for taking the time to read this

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    I guess it depends a lot on what type of forms are you reffering to - do you receive printed hard copies of reports you must fill? The best way is to ask for the electronic version of them from the ones that ask you to fill them.

    Also I saw that kind of forms as .pdf-s with fields which one must fill, or classic ms office ones.

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    Depends on the form, but my scanner does a good job of importing printed files into MS Word. Now when it comes to logos etc it's not a piece of art, but then I did not go at lenghts to tweak it etc. However, the best way is to get electronic copies. If they are PDF there are quite a few tools out there to write PDFs, either the Adobe Writer or a variety of tools under *nix. There is, however, the issue of password protection for editing etc.

    But yeah, I've encountered the write-able PDF form too. Ask around the office and see what they can offer.

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    what I do is I scan my reports onto my computer, and there are no electronic or e versions. I tried the scanning but it doesnt come out well. If anyone knows a program to scan and be able to type forms I would apperciate it.

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    You need something like OmniPage Pro. It has OCR (optical character recognition).


    I use this and it works rather well for most things.
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