Yeah, this might be wayyyy off topic and against this site, but me and my friend were playing an mmorpg(massively multiplayer on-line role playing game) and he hacked my character for the fun of it to piss me off as a prank. Well, long story short, he tells me now if I want the password to my account in the game, that I have to hack it back. His sick way of helping me keep myself protected against that kind of stuff. Well, I've somewhat figured out what I need to do, and it goes along these lines: First get his IP address, then put a keylogger in his computer somehow, possibly by mail or direct connecting, then retrieving the key log and trying all the passwords I find until I find the right one. Seems simple enough as it is, but I cant find any good keyloggers or programs to find out his IP. And he lives in another state so I cant just go over and look it up on his computer. So please any help would be great. I want to play again soon.