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    As far as I'm concerned, I hope this doesn't turn into an AP backlash either but if there's one thing I hate, it's double accounts and the use of one to populate/destroy AP achievements regarding posts the other account made.
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    From my experience, people who steal others gaming accounts do so with keyloggers and trojans, being the script kiddies they are. I play Starcraft and a lot of other games and i always see people advertising their "hacks" and "cool l33t progZ!" which screams out OMFG TROJAN!!! If youre friends with this guy im guessing youve probably chatting outside of the game, perhaps on aim/msn/yahoo. And if he started talk/direct connect/file transfer he can get your ip, or if you accepted a file it may have been infected with a trojan or such. He might of even attacked it with a dictionary attack, which isnt likely but possible. So as everyone has said three times over, close up your security holes, and if you try to hack it back (revenge keylogging doesnt fall under this but under idiot manuvers) you can get charges pressed if he does not turn out to be a kiddie. If youre still infected, even if you do hack it back or whatever you expect to do, you will lose it once again! Oh the cycle! So: Antivirus, firewall, ShieldsUp, RegMon, FileMon. These will all help you in cleaning your system. Sorry if this is just a bunch of rambling but i just got back this week and i was excited to post.

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    Well, to keep things in perspective?

    Oh yeah, about the admins, hahaha now that's funny! The admins do crap for the english version of Pt (Priston Tale). Asking them for a new password to my account could take a month or longer. Seriously, they're that bad.
    That I can certainly believe, I went to the website and it is virtually all in Korean! Given that this is a beta release, and presumably not generating revenue, I am not surprised that there is limited foreign language support at present.

    However, it is the CORRECT way to go, and it would not look good in court if no attempt to do things legally could be demonstrated? [To put it bluntly it is called covering your a$$]

    Although ScarletSpider is the initial victim of a criminal (as well as criminally stupid) act does not justify taking similar action. No one at AO would condone such an action, and would certainly not assist [That is called covering our a$$es]..........conspiracy is also a felony.

    I notice that our self-righteous critic did not offer the advice in the public forum either..........I wonder why? apart from the fact that the information supplied was totally inadequate?

    Commercial security departments purchase keylogging software, and administrators purchase remote management software.............they don't write them.....and General Motors won't re-invent the wheel?

    As was suggested, there are plenty of free tools for the job, you just have to select the right ones for the job, and read the instructions.....just like commercial software?

    If you really wish to pursue this kind of activity you must at the very least have written consent to do so............verbal agreements are no good.

    It is not something I would recommend in the current climate, as detection is quite possible and the inconvenience of having your equipment impounded for months will be far greater than waiting for a slow support service? If you make a non-secured internet connection, the data can be intercepted. I think that the quote at the beginning of my previous post demonstrates that the authorities are aware of keyloggers, and are looking for them?

    How will they know you are not just testing it before attacking a federal agency, or major corporation? Would you expect the courts to belive the game player ID story from someone over 21 years old?

    So, even with consent, I do not think that it is a good idea for EITHER party.


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    Wow, for a while it was dead here them BAM! Tons of responses, I don't know where to start. Um, the one that caught my attention though was someone saying I was Ladybug? Right dude, I'm ladybug alright, let me tell you, lol. Of course being new I respect your somewhat hostile but neccessary caution. Second, thanks to you guys who really do believe me and helped out with what you knew, but he ended up giving back my password, cause like Vorlin said, he doesn't use the account, he only changed the password and since he doesn't use it, there is no way for me to get it. So he just told me what it was cause he also wanted to go party in Dun1(dungeon 1). Lol, he got bored playing by himself. But anyways thanks again and oh yeah, what's an AP backlash? Also before I forget, my name is Alex and Scarlet Spider is from the Spiderman series. Not the actually arachnid. He was the clone of Peter Parker, that once he found out he was the clone, went on as the Scarlet Spider and took over for SM for a while. Jeez. Later guys.

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