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Thread: Preventing unauthorized wireless access points

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    Originally posted here by hellforgedangel
    If you use multiple WIFI cards around the building would they not pick each other up?
    Not if all they were doing was listening. They wouldn't be broadcasting/sending any data through the air. Just grabbing. (sniffing)
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    Modified Sony Aibo

    I heard once of a company that modified a Sony Aibo to walk the halls sniffing for APs. If it found one, it would sit down and start barking. I don;t know if it's true or not as I could not find anything to substantiate the claim.

    I did find this though... http://msn.com.com/2100-1105_2-50595...41&tag=tg_home

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    Just walk around with a WiFi detector.

    $25 will get you a nice one.

    You also get *gasp* excersize. Most managers can use a bit more of that.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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