I've been trying for a while to enable Samba on my Linux box, running SuSE 9.0. I've had the network set up without a problem, and I could see all the other boxes without a problem from ANY of my Windows computers. I could even see the Linux computer while browsing the network from a Windows box, but could not actually browse to it.

The firewall was set up to allow traffic through on Port 139 (which should be the port for Samba). I continued to get warnings during the boot up that I still had to allow Samba through the firewall, on port 139.

After tweaking the firewall a bit more, I got sick of it and disabled it, because all internet access was disabled. After doing this, I was suddenly able to browse the network, to and from the Linux box, as I should have been able to do before. Mounting shares from other computers was no longer a problem.

The firewall that I was using was the standard firewall that comes with SuSE 9.0. Any advice on how to fix this problem, and sitll have my firewall in place? :oesn't trust the routers and built in firewalls any further than he can move them with his mind.::

Thanks in advance, guys.