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Thread: i need your help to make me famous

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    i need your help to make me famous

    you guys and gals can have all the credit but
    years ago i had a casio calculator which had a very simple but adictive game

    i will now try to discribe the game

    on the left most part of the calculator you had number followed by a semi colon:


    you could use designated keys to increase or decrease this number (in numerical sequence)

    scrolling in from the right came, with increasing speed a list of random numbers

    you had to tally up the left hand number with the numbers scrolling towards you and delete them using a third key. The aim of the game was not to let the numbers hit your 'home number' (It did not mater which number you deleted as they approached see example)

    2: 73428 if i hit the delete key 2 would be removed adn the string shortened to

    2: 7348

    catch my drift

    there was a little more to it than that

    but i want to learn programming and thought this would be a good way to learn but which language to use (and this is not a thread for language supremasy!!)

    ideas please!!


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    If you are gong to learn, then learn C/C++ or VisualBasic.

    These are the 2 (3?) best "Learning Languages" IMHO.

    C/C++ is probably your best bet, just due to portability, or of course if you use Linux.

    I tried not to preach about language supremacy, but that is a part of it...

    EDIT: Congratulations, the great d0pp139an93r has replied to your thread. You are now famous.
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    an approach method to solve your problem:

    Analysis, design, implementation, testing

    First how does the game work?
    Does the speed increase based upon a level, points, ect..
    How much space is there between the home number and the attacking number?
    Lay out the entire game as much as you can on paper.

    Secondly write out step by step how the game will work. you could have a diagram, pictures, a list of steps:
    when the user types '8' the home number will increase by one
    when the home number reaches 9 and is increased it changes to 1
    when the user types the '5' button the attacking list of numbers is stripped of the home number
    points added?
    level moved up?

    Then sit down and look at languages and learn a little about each, determine what language best fits your program.
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    thanks for the responses so far

    would kdevelop be any good to use for programming (running fedora)?

    i will also sit down and 'storyboard' my game in more detail

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    KDevelop is great
    one of the best (if not the best) RAD tools I know
    It's just as easy as Borland or MSVC++

    So I guess you'll be going for C or C++ (or a bit of both like I usualy do)
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    KDevelop, I like the sound of that.


    I didn't realize you used Fedora. Good job.
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